SCR Racing Team

Now in its 4th year, the Space Coast Runners Racing Team is the perfect opportunity for eligible members who enjoy racing on the road and serving the Club. 

Benefits of joining the team include:

  • Run, support and compete with your fellow team members
  • Be a part of team building and training events
  • Opportunity to represent Space Coast Runners at local races
  • Promote an active lifestyle in the Brevard County community
  • Share personal experience and knowledge with the running community

2018/2019 Eligibility Requirements and Application: Watch our video to learn more

Application Status: OPEN UNTIL JUNE 17, 2018

Click Here to Download Application

2017/2018 Team Members


Women Men

Carol Ball  

Stephen Bernstein

Jessica Barone

Jerry Bird

Audrey Bernstein

Paul Boucher

Kimberly Budnick

David Farrall

Erin Canfield

David Grant

Sarah Compton

Greg Griffin

Heather Felix

Jason Hart

Betsy Fisher

Keith Kowalske

Elisha Gould

Bill Laws

Sara Griffin

David Lerret

Mary Hofmeister

Matt Mahoney

Yasmin Jarman

Mike McNees, co-captain

Pat Kiesselbach

Bob Rall

Lori Kruger

Cameron Shagena

Tiffany Lerret

Steven Shenbaum

Andrea Lucas

Tom Ward

Alysson Lyons


Hazel McNees


Brenda Nelson


Marjorie Nelson


Jodi Noe


Ashleigh Schenck


Amanda Shagena


Allison Spratt


Charlotte Walters


Debbie Wells, co-captain


Shelley Williams











































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