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I have a question not covered in the FAQs. How can I contact you?

Please send us an email (info@spacecoastrunners.org).

Does Space Coast Runners have a Social Media policy?

Space Coast Runners Social Media Guidelines                                    7/11
Our guidelines have been developed to oversee the Space Coast Runners Facebook and any other social media platforms held by Space Coast Runners.  The Club will assign an administrator(s) to manage and moderate the sites.  The SCR Board of Directors and Executive Committee will modify these guidelines as needed.

1. We will allow posts that are meaningful, respectful comments—in other words, no spam and no remarks that are off‐topic or offensive.

2. If the content is positive or negative and in context to the conversation, then we approve the content, regardless of whether it's favorable or unfavorable.  But if the content is ugly, offensive, denigrating and completely out of context, then we reject the content.

3. Statements that are political, bigoted, hateful or racially offensive are prohibited.

4. When disagreeing with others' opinions, comments must be kept appropriate and polite.

5. Personal attacks on members or comments which defame, abuse or threaten others will not be tolerated.

6. The use of profanity, vulgar, obscene or indecent language or images will be prohibited.

7. Unauthorized posting of personal information (names, address, phone number, email, etc.) of other users is prohibited.

8. Confidential or proprietary information and content shall not be discussed nor posted.

While interacting on Facebook, or any open forum, you should remember that your updates and answers are reaching the ears of past, existing, and future members.

Racist, political, demeaning, or provocative comments made on the web can take the form of viral within a few moments, which can work against SCR’s goodwill.

How do I advertise with Space Coast Runners?

SCR has 1,000+ members who are local runners or walkers in Brevard County. Our members consistently visit our website, view our E-newsletter, read our emails, participate in local races and attend special events. By advertising with SCR, you are ensuring that your company or event is placed in front of the eyes of our members.

Newsletter Standard Package:

The E-newsletter is published online 11 months a year and ad rates are:

  • $50/page
  • $25/half-page
  • $10 for a business card

Buy 10 months and the 11th is FREE! Deadline is on the 20th of the month prior to publication. We accept text in Word, Publisher or .pdf and photos in .jpg or .psd.

Material in the SCR newsletter may not be reprinted or used on a non-SCR website without permission from Space Coast Runners. Contact: Lisa Hamelin lisahamelin@gmail.com for more information. 


Electronic eBlasts to the general membership are included with a full page newsletter ad – distributed at approximately one month and again two weeks prior to the advertised event. Every attempt will be made to adhere to these dates, but SCR shall not be held responsible in the case of unforeseen circumstances outside of our control.

Electronic eBlasts requested without a newsletter ad are available for $35 per distribution.

SCR-Owned Race Packet Inserts:

Requests from advertisers and/or race directors to include race flyers and/or promotional materials in race packets for the Space Coast Classic 15K, Eye of the Dragon 10K, and the Space Walk of Fame 8K events shall be accepted at no charge. Items must be provided at least two weeks prior to the event. Requestors may be asked to help with packet stuffing. When possible, reciprocal promotion would be appreciated.

Website Advertising:

At this time SCR does not offer paid website advertising (banners, product links, etc.). Club Sponsor Logos (including businesses that offer discounts to SCR Members) will appear on the SCR website with hotlinks to their websites for a period of one year from date of sponsorship/discount initiation. An SCR representative will be assigned to contact sponsors/discount providers for renewal opportunities.

Race sponsor logos for SCR owned events (Space Coast Classic 15K, Eye of the Dragon 10K, and Space Walk of Fame 8K) will appear on those individual race results pages when posted. 

SCR Advertising Flyer: Download file

How do I submit a request for a donation?


The primary purpose of the Space Coast Runners Club, Inc. (SCR) Charitable Donations Charter is to provide an organizational means to donate to individuals and/or community organizations and events. The secondary purpose of the SCR Charitable Donations objective is to provide an organizational means of providing college scholarships for Brevard County graduating high school students. Reference the SCR Scholarship Guidelines.


ï‚· The SCR Charitable Donations budget shall be projected when determining the SCR Annual Budget for the Fiscal Year (July 1 – June 30).

ï‚· As a guideline, no more than 15% of the projected SCR annual membership revenue shall be budgeted for Charitable Donations. This does NOT include the SCR Scholarships. ï‚· Donations are made on a first come first served basis.

ï‚· No less than two (2) $500 scholarship donations shall be budgeted per year. ï‚· No more than $75 shall be spent per event for flowers, cards, food, etc, for memorials or convalescence for SCR members and/or immediate family members only.

ï‚· Donations from SCR Club Owned Races shall be at the discretion of the Race Director(s) with Board approval.

GUIDELINES FOR PROVIDING ASSISTANCE TO ORGANIZATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS SCR does not make financial contributions, with the exception of academic scholarships. Contributions will be in the form of merchandise, services, and supplies requested for the benefit of running /walking related programs or events in Brevard County. Preference is given to organizations that are chartered to support and encourage a healthy life style through exercise, physical activity and/or good nutrition. Examples of such causes would be: School Running Groups, Senior Olympics, Special Olympics, etc.

SCR will form an annual Charitable Donation Committee in order to be responsive to donation requests of less than $100 value. The committee shall be composed of 5 SCR Board Members, to include a minimum of two (2) Executive Officers. Any donation request over $100 value will require Board approval.

Any donation request in excess of $100 value must be submitted at least one month in advance of the date of fulfillment, and is limited to submittal and receipt of 1 (one) donation request per year.

Maximum spent per any request and event shall be $250 annually.

External donation requests shall be submitted to the SCR Board by completing a Donation Request Form. Click here to print the form.

SCR donations to organizations and events shall be acknowledged at either the event (ex: announcement, shirt logo, poster) or in a printed circulation (ex: newsletter, entry form).

Donation Request Form

How do I find out more information on the Youth Series?


The SCR Youth Series consists of noncompetitive runs for children 12 and under, in conjunction with our Runner of the Year Series races and are held immediately after each race.  There is something for all kids, with ¼ mile, ½ mile, and 1 mile distances available.  For more information, check out the Youth Series section.

How do I become a member of the SCR Racing Team?

There is an application process to become a team member. The club will accept applications for the 2016-2017 racing season up until the deadline on May 28, 2016. Keep your eye out for next season as applications will be out in May 2017. 

Applications are reviewed by the SCR Racing Team committee and members are then selected for the upcoming season.

Where are the “Runner of the Year” series information and results?


ROY series information, rules and results are all updated regularly and posted on this web site.

Does SCR offer formal coaching or training programs?


While SCR does not have a Club Training Program, there are many coaches and training camps available throughout Brevard.  Below you can find links to local coaches who offer their services and expertise to the running community.  Many members of the club have been involved with one or more of the coaches listed.  Come out and get a recommendation.

Space Coast Runners (SCR) does not endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes, individuals or services. Therefore, mention of commercial products, processes, individuals or services on SCR's website, www.spacecoastrunners.org, cannot be construed as an endorsement or recommendation.

The SCR website provides links to other Internet sites for informational purposes and the convenience of its users. When users select a link to an external Web site, they are leaving the SCR website and are subject to the privacy and security policies of the owners/sponsors of the external site.

How can I get updates about the club and events?


Join SCR and you will get an automatic subscription to the monthly newsletter. It’s full of information, articles, race applications, etc.  Also, join our Facebook page with links to all the upcoming SCR events. As a member, you will also get timely eblast announcements on all the upcoming area races and events.

Do members get together to run at other times?


Yes. There are many fun runs throughout the county with varying times, locations and days. Please reference "Fun Runs" on the website for details.

I’m going to be in town for an internship (or temporary work assignment). Can I run with the club without officially joining?


Yes! Runners and walkers of all levels are welcome. It is always pleasant to hear new jokes. Check out our Facebook page for the very latest information, or post your dates of availability and you will get a response.

What can I expect if I come out to run with the group, will I be welcomed?


Group runs are for everyone; runners, walkers, old and young.  Just bring your comfy shoes and a smile. Everyone is training with a different goal in mind, but there is sure to be someone who is going your pace and/or distance.  Come out early and meet the group.

Where does the weekly Sunday Run begin and what is the distance?


Our weekly Sunday run begins at 6:30 AM at Riverfront Park in Cocoa Village, and runs either North or South along the beautiful Indian River depending on the time of year.  Each way is approximately 6.5 miles. Water and Gatorade is available at the 2 and 4 mile marks.  The distance you run is entirely up to you, and where you are in your training.  You can always start with one group, and maybe finish with another group coming back.  Or maybe you go just one more mile, in order to stick with a group.  The choice is yours.

Do I have to become a member before ever coming out to run with the club on a Sunday run?


No. You do not have to be a member.  You are welcome to come out and run with like-minded people. The water/Gatorade that is out along the course is complimentary.  You will soon want to join, though!

Is SCR for beginning runners?


Yes, as well as hyper-competitive weekend warriors, and everything in between.  We are a group that promotes fitness through running and walking.  All of us started somewhere, and at one time we were all beginners.

How big is SCR and what is the membership make-up?


We have over 1,000 members from all around Brevard County. Membership includes active runners and walkers that are out there just for the fun of it or are competitive in the local races.

How do I become a SCR member?


Becoming a member is easy.  Membership is available online from this website.  You may also use a paper form if preferred. 

Annual dues are $35 for family, $30 for individual, and $15 for students.

Each winter and summer we hold a membership drive social with discounted membership, food, and goodies. We also have a booth at all SCR Runner of the Year series events. Join today!

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